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Watch this Jurassic Park remake using only Lego

Mar 31, 2015 by Claire (Oh Good Staff)

Father, Paul, and daughter, Hailee, set out to prove you could create anything using only Lego. They spent the past 3 ½ months recreating many scenes from the classic Jurassic Park. To create this Lego masterpiece they had to call up several friends to borrow their Lego collection, using over $120,000 in Lego to complete this short film.

This isn’t Paul and Hailee’s first Lego parody, over the past few years they’ve released Two Towers, Avengers, the Walking Dead and many others, you can view them all on their YouTube page. Lego Jurassic Park was the biggest movie they’ve released to date, with massive Lego landscapes and the help of a few friends for stop-motion animation and voice overs.

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