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Once in a Lifetime Find as 5 Year Old Discovers Dinosaur Bones

Apr 9, 2015 by Will (Oh Good Staff)

Every young kid goes outside and digs for treasure, hoping to find a treasure chest, old relics or ancient bones. Almost all of the time as children we find nothing, but 5-year old Wiley Brys found something unbelievable, a 100 million year old dinosaur bone!

The discovery happened back in September, 2014, when Wiley and his father, a zookeeper, when out digging on land that was being developed for a shopping center. His father thought they may find some ancient fish fossils. While digging the 5-year old showed his dad a piece of bone, which belongs to the Nodosaur. Since September archeology teams have been examining the entire area have recently sent the finding to local Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

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