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Pay It Forward with a Slice of Pizza

Jan 15, 2015 by James (Oh Good Staff)

Rosas Fresh Pizza

At Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philly, they’ve built a local tradition, a slice of pizza at this parlor is only $1, because of the extremely low cost customers started to buy a slice for the next person in line.

Rosas Fresh Pizza

Mason, the owner of Rosa’s believes every slice of pizza should be fresh and cheap, and the customers agree. As the customers grew, they began paying it forward, buying a slice for the next person in line, but as this tradition grew Rosa’s had more people paying it forward that those in line.

Rosas Fresh Pizza

The restaurant set up a post-it note wall, for everyone who has a pay it forward slice of pizza. Not any hungry person can come in, take a post it note and get a free slice of pizza! This pay it forward system now helps feed over 40 local homeless each day in Philly, and it’s only expected to grow.

If you’d like to buy a slice of pizza for someone in need, you can do so online at:

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