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9 Destinations for Cold Weather Travelers

Dec 23, 2014 by Claire (Oh Good Staff)

Quebec City, Canada

If you’re looking for an ice hotel in North America, Quebec City hosts the only ice hotel this side of the pond. This French Canadian cities also hosts one of the world’s largest winter celebration, the Quebec Winter Carnival.

Visit Old Quebec overlooking the St. Lawrence River for friendly atmosphere with European charm.


Vienna, Austria

Vienna may host the oldest Christmas Market in the world, dating back to 1298, the Christmas Market is open until the end of December.

Once the market closes, Vienna on ice opens annually, a massive outdoor ice rink right in front of city hall. If you prefer mountains, you don’t need to travel far, Austria has some of the most pristine fresh slopes in Europe.


Cortina, Italy


On the southern end of the Alps, Cortina is one of the most fashionable ski report in Europe. With over 140 ski runs, even an avid skier will need a long stay in Cortina to know the region.

Beyond the slopes, this Italian town boost several centuries old churches for the travellers who love historic architecture.

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