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Colorblind Man Sees Color for the First Time

Jul 16, 2015 by Adam (Oh Good Staff)

Color blindness affects approximately 0.5% of women and 8% of men, for some reason men are nearly 100% more likely to be color blind than women. The most common form of color blindness is known as Deuteranomaly also known as red-green colour blindness; where those affected have a hard time seeing shades of red and green as illustrated in the chart below.

Fortunately a company by the name of Enchroma has developed a technology in the form of glasses that helps people suffering from color blindness to see more shades of the color spectrum. This advancement came from over 10 years of research and development andaAccording to Enchroma this technology helps to “amplify the perception of all three primary colors”. They also have created an online color blindness test which can be found here to help determine how severe ones colorblindness is. Valspar teamed up with Enchroma and donated a bunch of glasses to people suffering from color blindness. Check out this man’s reaction in the video above.

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