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Five Free and Easy Tips to Stay Safe on the Internet

Sep 17, 2015 by Ian (Oh Good Staff)

Password Protection

Think about all the important information you have on the Internet: your bank account, bills, taxes, and medical records... And all that protects your online accounts is a password! You definitely need strong passwords for all your online accounts. But remembering a strong password is really annoying so thankfully there’s an easy alternative: use a password vault. Password vaults help you generate different random passwords for your online accounts that can be accessed with a master password. There are free services available and the best options are KeePass, 1Password, LastPass, and Dashlane. They each operate differently so take a look and decide which is best for you. Some offer premium services for a fee (LastPass costs $12.00/month, Dashlane is $39.99/month, and 1Password is $57.99). But the free versions are still effective and easy to use!

Two-Step Authentication

Some things are too important to use just a password, like your bank account. You should use Two-Step Authentication whenever possible in your email, online banking, and social media accounts. This provides an extra layer of security by asking you verification question or sending a message to your phone. Remember to make your questions difficult to answer, just like your password and never tell anyone your answers. 

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