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Five Free and Easy Tips to Stay Safe on the Internet

Sep 17, 2015 by Ian (Oh Good Staff)

The Internet is awesome. I can’t live without Netflix, Google, Amazon, and Facebook! But the Internet has a dark side and these days everyone is a little worried about online privacy. It’s not just spam you have to worry about anymore, but scandals, malware, and hackers. The advertising we take for granted often contains malware or spyware that can infect your computer and steal your information. But you don’t have to go live in a bunker or learn computer programming to protect yourself, and you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on anti-virus software. Here are five super easy tips to protect your online security.

Remember! Nothing on this list will prevent expert hackers from accessing your private information. But it’s like locking your front door when you leave the house. Someone can still break in through the window, but having locks on the door does a lot to prevent opportunistic attacks. And it makes you feel better—don’t both denying it! So let’s lock the front door of your computer and everyone will feel a little better.

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