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Holographic Goggles from Microsoft Combine Reality and Cyberspace

Jan 23, 2015 by Will (Oh Good Staff)


Microsoft has been secretly working on Project HoloLens for 5 years now.


The purpose, to bring cyberspace around your everyday like, to layer digital data around the physical world. Using this prototype users can gesture and use voice to summon data around them and cyberspace with be all around you. While still in prototype phase, these goggles offer a greater technological advantage that Google Glass and more real world interaction than Oculus. Microsoft’s plans on releasing Project HoloLens into the hands of developers but spring, 2015, which should increase development time on this project and hopefully will land in consumer’s hands not long in the future.



How does this work? Basically the HoloLens goggles trick your brain into thinking a hologram is real, allow you to reach out, grab it, spin it and work on the hologram. Pretty futuristic. Beyond that, you can have a conversation with another user, and get them to see exactly what you’re seeing, for help on any project. Imagine working on fixing your car, and being able to have an engine savvy friend see exactly what you’re seeing and give step by step advice.

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