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Molson and Google Team up to Build a Beer Fridge that’s Unlocked by Voice

Jun 26, 2015 by Adam (Oh Good Staff)

Some of you may remember when Molson originally introduced its red beer fridge campaign a couple years back. The initial campaign was launched in Europe and would allow thirsty Canadian travellers to enjoy an ice cold Canadian beer. How was the fridge able to identify who was Canadian, you ask. The fridge was equipped with a scanner that would recognize a Canadian passport. When a Canadian passport was successfully scanned the fridge would unlock to reveal ice cold Molson Canadian beer.

The original campaign was such a success that Molson’s ad agency (Rethink) has made many variations of this fridge including one where you had to sing “O Canada”; Canada’s national anthem in order to gain access to the fridges contents.In order to unlock the latest version of the Molson fridge to get your hands on a cold brew, the beer brands iconic slogan “I am Canadian” will have to be spoken to the fridge.

There is a catch though, the slogan will have to be spoken in six different languages to successfully unlock the fridge. This smart fridge utilizes Googles speech recognition technology in order to identify 40 different languages.


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