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New Apple Watch Hands On Review

Mar 10, 2015 by Jon (Oh Good Staff)

With the highly anticipated launch of The Apple Watch fans and critics want to know how this device functions and what awesome features it has to set itself apart from competition. 

The new watch comes with many unique activity tracking features and will work hand in hand with your iPhone, without duplicating many functions. Another big part of this announcement was the price, Apple is releasing 3 types of watches for all Apple fans new and old.

Apple Watch Sport ($349-$399) The Sport will most closely resemble the iPhone for look and feel. This is the most affordable version and comes with a plastic sports strap.

Apple Watch ($549-$1,099) With a stainless steel casing and protective crystal layer for the watch face, the Apple Watch is the middle ground model. The price range varies depending on a few extra including if the consumer would rather have a leather of stainless steel strap.

Apple Watch Edition ($10,000+) This is the luxury edition from Apple, this watch comes with sapphire crystal layer to protect the screen & 18-carat gold. The Edition won't be for everyone, so don't expect to see many of these in the office.

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