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Samsung Unveils The New Transparent OLED Display

Jun 11, 2015 by Margaret (Oh Good Staff)

The future is here and you don't have to be Tony Stark. Samsung has just unveiled its latest masterpiece, the OLED transparent television with a clear or mirrored screen. Think Mission Impossible computer room where Tom Cruise is pushing and pulling the images and numbers from left to right. Imagine trying on clothes, jewelry and shoes and never leaving home because of interactive display technology. This isn't science fiction anymore and the possibilities sound endless. By incorporating Intel's RealSense and 3D camera capabilities, Samsung is going to bring J.A.R.V.I. S. style magic into living rooms everywhere.

While you can already program your home security system through your Samsung Smartphone and you can already turn off the lights using a similar App, imagine what you can do with the OLED screen that recognizes your voice and is also motion activated? Front and back is completely clear except for the images on the screen. Either clear or it's a mirror that enables the viewer to "try" out things they are currently viewing. This is not just an App or a gadget. This is what happens when a bunch of Samsung scientists in Hong Kong get together with the goal of creating the coolest media device in the world.

The virtual reality implications brought to the table by RealSense will have unlimited advertising implications. Have you ever wondered whether you look good in green? Try on a dress by standing in front of the Samsung OLED. Heck why limit yourself to a dress? Go ahead and try on the shoes and maybe match it up with some emerald earrings. So you'd rather be an Iron Man? That might work out just fine, because Tony Stark has an outfit he wants you to try on before Nick Fury gets his hands on your Samsung.

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