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Japanese Indoor Farm – The Most Productive Farm on Earth

Jan 12, 2015 by Jon (Oh Good Staff)


Production statistics from the World’s largest indoor farm are nearly impossible to believe, the 25K square foot indoor farm produces 10,000 heads of lettuce/day. To give to reference to that volume, per square foot, this is 100 times greater than volume of lettuce produces from traditional farms! To make this even more astonishing, this high tech indoor farm uses 99% less water, and results in 80% less food waste than traditional farming methods. The LED lighting for this project, is custom designed by GE and uses 40% less power than outdoor farming, also helps the produce to grow 2 ½ times faster.


After the 2011 earthquake, this former semi-conductor factory, was converted into the largest indoor farm. This indoor environment grows lettuce vertically, and allows for a shortened cycle of days to grow the lettuce. The advanced watering system ensures that almost no water is lost to soil.


With the success of this farming project, new construction has already begun at similar indoor facilities in China, Hong Kong & Russia. We can only expect this technology to continue to be used, with expansion of urban development and the cost for these indoor farms decreases of time. 

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