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Futuristic implant technology could help paralysed walk again

Jan 9, 2015 by Claire (Oh Good Staff)

French scientists have developed an ultra-thin prostatic ribbon that looks like it is right out of the future. This ribbon has been tested as a cybernetic implant in paralysed rats, and in just weeks, the new trail has seen rats walking on their own again.

This cyborg ribbon is flexible and soft, which allows it to bend with the spinal cord and delivers electrical impulses and drugs to the backbone. In previous attempts, scientists struggled with finding a device that was soft & flexible enough to be tolerated by the spine, many of which caused inflammation and risked scar tissue. This new technology has similar flexibility to living tissue, and it able to stretch while placed directly on the spine.


The implant has been used for spinal injury to date, but French scientist believe it could eventually be of use in helping Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy and many other ailments.

Researchers in France are hoping to move forward with human trials soon, and there is sure to be a long list of patients looking to join the human trial list.


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